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Ok, hands down, I'm sold!
These meals are affordable, healthy, and hearty! Not only are they savory and flavorful, but the portions are always more than ample.
Bryant and Whitni are really on to something. I think I've found my new go-to for my lunch breaks and quick dinners

Erin R.

Finally got around to trying Heat It Up today and it was amazing! The people are very nice and helpful, cool space, and most importantly, the food was fresh and tasty. No more excuses for not eating healthy on the go! I will be a regular from now on.

Bria H.

Very good food, Very good people! My least favorite part about meal prepping is the time it takes, and the lack of variety for the week. Heat It Up is the solution to BOTH! They do the work, and you can eat a different meal every day! I no longer live in Texarkana, but I like to stop by when I'm going through!

Addison H.

Cheers to Heat It Up in downtown Texarkana! Great location, variety and prices! Today I picked up the Taco Lime Baked Chicken w/ Cilantro, Corn and Jasmine Rice convenience meal. Great portions and presentation! Flavors from the cilantro, corn and jasmine rice were all very fresh, as well as the generous, thick cuts of chicken which were very tender and well seasoned. A small wedge of lime was included, and added a nice additional zest to the existing flavors. Great healthy eating alternative to the over abundant fast food options around here. Very friendly and personable service as well! Highly recommended, check them out!

Scott J.

Tried the pizza today....very tasty! I could have eaten another 10 pieces but since I am working on portion control this place is just perfect! And great to meet Bryant, very nice guy. Can't wait to go back and try everything. Outstanding!

Rob C.

This place is awesome! I was in Texarkana for a week on a business trip. I try to take meals with me while on the road but it was soooo easy to eat here while eating clean! The meals were fresh and very good. A very friendly staff and definitely a highlight of being in Texarkana

Mason D.

I don't like many vegetables but so far this week, I've had zucchini and sweet potatoes & I enjoyed every bite! I may even try Brussel sprouts! I'm sold! Yummy, affordable, HEALTHY meals with perfect portions to help me feed my body well! Thanks guys! Maybe a cooking class one day?!

Jamie P.

So convenient and healthy!! The calories, carbs, protein, & fat are on the label. Whitni and her husband are so nice! I tried all the meals this week (except they were out of tilapia) and they were great. My favorites for the week are the kale, carrot, ranch burger AND the tuna cakes!! Yum! And I'm a picky eater:) I plan on ordering again for next week! Try it!

Dosha A.

Heat It Up has been amazing. HIU came into my life at the perfect time and is helping me #crushmygoals! My favorites so far are the blackened white fish, turkey meatloaf, and the choc chip & raisin protein bars! Not to mention the customer service is over the top!

Jennifer R.

It's good food that doesn't leave you feeling guilty about. And they're opening a new drive up, pick up, location on Pleasant Grove Road that we are excited about having one closer to home.

Jimmy A.

This food is delicious!! They have such a variety of healthy, flavorful meals that you can eat everyday and never get tired of. Love Heat It Up!!

Summer F.

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